Auto Glass

River Valley Tinting and Glass professionals are trained to provide you with the highest quality for all your auto glass needs. We use only the best products because we know that you value quality. Our relationship with car manufacturers ensures that we use the exact parts required for your car. It may be a repair of a chip or crack or possibly tinting windows. We can quickly respond to your issues and the knowledge to professionally complete the job.

All of the glass in automobiles can take a beating. Whether it’s gravel chips from roads or the ever-changing weather conditions, your auto glass is subject to all kinds of damages. We know that safety depends on your ability to see the road. This is why it is important for us to quickly repair or replace your glass. Because we all have busy lives, we will work to ensure your replacement or repair is done to your satisfaction.

Additionally, to upgrade your vehicle, we can install the tinted film to enhance your visibility. Tinted glass shades keep your car cooler and more comfortable. We have a wide variety of shades from dark to nearly clear. These not only improve your optical clarity but will protect your car from harmful UV rays that can damage your interior.

River Valley Tinting and Glass also have safety glass for your heavy equipment glass or maybe your want to give your company fleet a sleek professional uniform look. Let us provide you with all the best options for your commercial or private vehicle.

Quality and value are important to you and we will work to meet your standards. We are fully bonded and insured for your protection and are the clear choice for all auto and heavy equipment glass.